Monday, 8 September 2014

Whites, Walnuts and White Chocolate - One Pot Brownies

My partner sometimes works weekends. It is an unspoken rule that you bring a plate with you when you are rostered on a Saturday.

So, as the only way I can contribute to their climb of the career ladder is through sweet morsels, I sent them off to work with a tin of freshly baked brownies.

This recipe uses egg-whites only, which results in a super light, but rich brownie.

I use Callebaut Chocolate, both dark and white, in most of my baking. I have found a great supplier ago now have a big jar in my kitchen that I have to convince myself not to raid all the time.

A tip of using walnuts: I store mine in the freezer. This stops them from going rancid and makes them very easy to chop.

I knew these were a hit when I got a phone call saying that the boss had called my partner into their office. They wanted the recipe and here it is!